Descente Ski Clothing

Descente Ski Clothing

Descente Ski Clothing – Finding Joy Through Sports

Descente believes sports and movement are essential to our enjoyment of life. And the element of competition in sports allows us to push our bodies and minds toward their maximum potential. Descente is dedicated to bringing the joys of sports to everyone, from the most casual participants to world champion athletes. The Descente philosophy is to strengthen individuals of all ages, genders, and experience levels, and the communities in which they live, by helping to create a way of life that allows all people to live to the fullest.

The slogan, “Design for Sports,” speaks to Descente’s commitment to designing sportswear that consistently extends the boundaries of technology and artistic creativity. More than that, the slogan conveys Descente’s passion toward the future of sports, and its devotion to helping athletes challenge notions about the limits of human achievement.

Innovation has always been in the heart of everything we do at Descente, and we understand that in the fast paced world of creating the best ski apparel, being satisfied is never an option.

Our Glamour collection of women’s ski apparel is a revolutionary new line of apparel that will perform like a Descente jacket on the slopes during the day, and turn heads out on the town at night.

Our Team collection brings innovative design, superior performance, and legendary quality together to deliver a line of ski apparel that will help skiers perform at the highest level, while keeping them warm and comfortable in any conditions.

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