Custom Fitting

The Footlab LogoFor many people an enjoyable day of skiing results in an evening of pain and discomfort due to poor fitting gear. People think this pain and discomfort is a price to be paid to enjoy the upside of skiing and snowboarding. This just isn’t true.

Watch our short video below to learn more about custom ski equipment fitting and how it will help you ski faster, better and in more comfort.

CUSTOM FITTING is the process of taking ski equipment that is made for the statistically “average” person and personalizing it to fit a particular skier. It is arguably the most important, though least understood, requisite for skiing excellence and comfort. Regardless of which end of the ability spectrum you’re on Custom Fitting will improve your skiing and comfort. If you’re a new skier you’ll gain confidence and improve your technique the first time you get on snow. If you’re a racer you will be faster, quicker and more stable at high speeds. Custom fitting is the very first thing you should consider when buying new equipment. However, Custom Fitting has nothing to do with buying new gear. We guarantee that if you Custom Fit your old gear instead of buying new gear, you’ll be a much better skier than if you just buy new gear and don’t have it Custom Fit. Custom fitting has four components; Custom Insoles and boot modifications, alignment, boot balancing and ski tuning. Our custom fitting service is performed by our most senior experienced technicians who understand the technical issues in getting your equipment tuned to match your body and skiing ability. If you want to ski better, ski faster or ski in comfort, custom fitting is for you.

The Custom Fitting Process

Plan on two hours for fitting, molding and measurement. You will need an appointment for this phase, appointment times are available 7 days a week (10-6 M-F, 9-4 Sat, 12-3 Sun). In most cases you will need to leave your equipment with us so our shop technicians can complete the necessary work to your skis. Unless you are in a time crunch (which we can usually accommodate) you will need to leave your skis with us for 3 days. If you live out of town we can make arrangements to complete the entire process within 4 hours or ship your equipment back to you upon completion.

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