Custom Fitting Process

Custom Footbeds & Insoles For Ski Boots

Custom Insoles

The most noticeable component of the Custom Fitting process are custom insoles. These are insoles that are molded to the exact contour of your foot and replace the stock, non-supportive insoles that come in the boots. Whether you are a recreational skier, racer or twin tipper custom insoles support the foot in it’s most powerful stance and prevent it from collapsing and losing control during turns and jumps. We have tested 6 different brands of ski insoles and know from experience that the insole we use is the highest performance insole on the market. It’s ability to accommodate forefoot varus makes it not only comfortable, but powerful and quick as well. The instant you put the boot on you’ll feel the difference.

Custom Ski Fitting Alignment


Everyone had a natural curve in the leg between the knee and the ankle. When you put a boot on and buckle it up, the boot assumes the angle of this curve and in many cases tips the sole of the boot on edge. When that happens your skis don’t track properly and quick precise turning becomes impossible. Insuring that your skis track flat is the end result of the alignment process.

Custom Ski Fitting Boot Balance

Boot Balancing

Aligning the fore and aft balance point of the boot with the center of the carving surface of the ski is critical to effortless, intuitive skiing. If your balance is off, you will feel the change in the first or second turn on the snow when you correct it.


Skiing on poorly tuned skis is like riding a bike with half-flat tires. They are slow and hard to turn. In simple terms, tuning skis is setting and polishing base and side edge angles, and structuring and waxing the base.

Two things to remember about tuning are; new skis do not come from the factory ready to be skied, and shape skis require different tuning for different skiing styles. Proper base and side edge angles are critical for skiing excellence. The rough grinds that new skis get in the factory are nowhere close to being precise enough to let the ski perform as it was intended.

The initial Custom Fitting process is done by our most senior, experienced technicians and takes two hours for fitting, molding and measurement. You will need an appointment for this phase, appointment times are available 7 days a week (10-6 M-F, 9-4 Sat, 12-3 Sun). In most cases you will need to leave your equipment with us so our shop technicians can complete the necessary work to your skis. Unless you are in a time crunch (which we can usually accommodate) you will need to leave your skis with us for 3 days. If you live out of town we can make arrangements to complete the entire process within 4 hours or ship your equipment back to you upon completion.

Custom Ski Fitting Costs

The fee for Custom Fitting is based on what work is required to get you perfectly fit. Everyone is different so it is not possible to have a flat fee for Custom Fitting. Accordingly the services are priced individually.

Custom Insoles: $165.00
Canting with boot grind and lifters: $185.00
Ski Tune-Up: $40.00

Most skiers do not require all of these options and can expect an average cost of about $200 for the most typically needed options.

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