Cutomer Reviews On Custom Snow Ski Fitting

Our custom ski boot fitters will get your ski boots fitting correctly, comfortably and optimized for performance. Read what our customers say about their custom ski boot fitting experience below.

Dear Brad,

Back in early January, you fit me for some new boots in the Footlab and a pair of K2 Burni’n Luv skis.  I am thrilled to report that your good work on my behalf has paid off wonderfully in the best skiing I have enjoyed in years.  While my knees did not return to 25-year-old vitality, I was able to really enjoy my skiing without pain, thanks to you.

As you also suggested, I did spend some time learning the newer, less-knee-impact style of skiing – and what a difference.  Your suggestion to keep the downhill ski tucked back farther than traditionally recommended was also very helpful.  So, all in all, you gave me hope that I could keep skiing for more years than I feared.  Much gratitude for your professional expertise – and your kindness in spending so much time with me.