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The number one cause for aching feet in ski boots is inadequate footbed support in the ski boot. Replacing a bad insole with a custom orthotic is the easiest way to increase comfort and performance.

Shape skis simply will not work properly if your stance alignment is off. Symptoms of this would be easier turns to one side than the other; skis that don’t track well on cat walks; an edgy or grabby feeling from your skis; skidding turns rather than carving turns.

Here’s what we do

During our free Performance Evaluation we’ll look at your gear, take the necessary measurements and let you know what, if any, options you might have to improve your skiing comfort or performance.

This entire process will take about 10 minutes or so.We’ll give you our diagnosis on how your equipment is suited to your body. If improvements are needed we can perform custom fitting in your same visit.

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