Season Lease For Snow Ski Equipment

Snow Ski Leasing Program For St. Paul, Minneapolis MN AreaHere’s an easy, convenient and affordable lease program for outfitting skiers of all ages

JUNIOR AND ADULT SKIS AND BOOTS- Hi Tempo Ski Shop leases brand new Rossignol junior skis and boots ($149) and Rossignol adult skis and boots ($299). These new skis are Rossignols newly designed “Terrain Based Learning” skis that are designed for easy turning and control. They’re absolutely the best “learn-to” skis on the market.

JUNIOR RACE SKIS AND BOOTS- The Rossignol Junior Hero Multi-Event race skis ($189) and Rossignol Hero J4 boots ($79) are the perfect setup for aspiring, and growing, D-Team Skiers.

HIGH SCHOOL RACE SKIS- The Rossignol Hero Elite ST season lease ($349) is the perfect skis for new high school ski racers. The Hero Elite uses Rossignol’s patented Power Turn rocker design. It’s built with a carbon laminated wood core with vertical sidewall; it’s the perfect soft slalom ski for new and growing hi school racers.

Check out the features and benefits of snow ski leasing!

Feature: Leasing is quick and easy
Benefit: No worrying about what to do with old equipment. Just turn it in at the end of the year and come get the new gear next year

Feature: Take advantage of the latest designs
Benefit: New designs in Rockered ski technology have changed both learning skis and racking skis making it easier than ever to perform better.

Feature: New gear works better
Benefit: Like everything, skis and boots break down. The older it gets the worse it performs. Worn out gear doesn’t initiate like it should and doesn’t perform in challenging snow conditions like new gear.

Feature: Your youngest skiers will enjoy skiing more!
Benefit: No more arguments about having to learn on hand-me-down older sibling gear 

Feature: Progress quicker to skis you can own
Benefit: Starting out or growing up with lease gear makes it easier to invest in more performance oriented gear when your ability demands.

Hi Tempo offers two ways to make skiing as affordable as it is fun.

Some parents like to purchase their gear, pass it down to younger brothers and sisters and then trade it in when they’re done. We absolutely love to do that. Whether you purchased your gear from Hi Tempo or got the gear as hand-me-downs from a friend, we’ll take any current gear in on trade. We love trade ins!

Come in to the store early, limited number of these packages available, or call us for more information on our snow ski lease program for adults, kids and racers, call 651-429-3333.