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We carry the top gear and have the expertise to help you get the best times ever this year! We can keep your equipment tuned and ready for your next run. Check out the top racing skis we carry, click a link below.

The growth in alpine ski racing on a local, national and international level has been tremendous. Locally our racing programs have enjoyed tremendous growth as well; ski area D Teams, high school, USSA, Collegiate, Ski Challenge and Masters. Fueling this growth has been the persistent support of athletes, coaches, parents and athletic directors as well as the dynamic advances in equipment. The plain fact is that racing skis are easier to ski on than they were 5-10 years ago.

Custom insoles and custom fitting for ski racers is mandatory. We have worked with ski racers of all ages that were accomplished at a local level and have seen them achieve national ranking by going through the custom fitting process. We cannot emphasize enough that regardless of your age and ability, if you do not have custom insoles and have not been custom fit, you will ski better, faster and smoother by having this done.

The best advice we can give to any aspiring ski racer is start with a good foundation by getting custom fit before you pick up the bad habits and technique that will come from poor fitting equipment. In order of priority, custom fitting is your first priority, learning to tune and maintain your skis is your second priority, working with good coaches and training is your third priority, new equipment is your last priority.

Racer Discounts

All junior and adult ski racers are entitled to our Racer Discounts off equipment, clothing and service work including Custom Fitting.