Hi Performance Ski Rentals / Demos

Hi Performance Ski Rental Demo CenterHi Performance Ski Rental Center

For the performance oriented skier that doesn’t want to invest in the latest gear, Hi Tempo has a new offering- THE HI TEMPO PERFORMANCE RENTAL CENTER. Our new rental center is stocked with the highest performance men’s and women’s skis from the best vendors in the industry. These are the skis that represent the forefront of technical achievement and are the best of the best. The customer for this new department is the intermediate and above level skier that wants the easiest, best skiing skis on the market but doesn’t ski frequently enough to warrant owning their own equipment. And, the skier that skis mostly out west and doesn’t want to travel with their skis (we’ll FedEx these skis right to your destination).

Snow Ski Boot Rental

See the link below to our online rental website for ski boot rental.

Real Hi Performance Skis

At most rental centers, signing up for hi performance rental skis means you’ll get what the rental center has; that is what the vendor they’re hooked up has given them the best deal on. While in most cases these are good skis, they’re usually not the top of the line offerings. At Hi Tempo you can reserve our vendor’s flagship models. These are skis that are designed to offer the very best in performance. They are properly tuned and maintained, they are new models and they do not have stickers all over them that scream “RENTAL”.

Pick Up Your Skis Or We’ll Ship Them To Your Condo

If you’re skiing locally, reserve your ski ahead of time, pick them up the day before or the day you’re going to use them, drop them off on the way home or the next day after you’ve used them. If you pick them up a day early and return them the day after you use them you’ll only be charged for the day you ski.

If you’re skiing out of town and you don’t want to hassle with lugging your skis on the airplane we can ship the skis right to your condo (for less than the extra baggage charges the airlines will charge you). We’ll pack the skis in a specially designed shipping container and ship them to your destination so they’ll be waiting for you when you get to your lodge, hotel or condo. When you’re through skiing, put the skis back into the container, slap on the preaddressed shipping label we provide for you, call the FedEx pick up number on the label and FedEx will pick them up and ship them back to us. Whether you pick them up or have the skis shipped to your condo, your rental fee is only for the days the skis are on the snow.

Reserve Your Skis

To be sure you’re going to be able to get the skis you want, when you want them, we recommend that you reserve skis ahead of time. If you wake up in the morning to a beautiful day and decided to ski that same day, please call ahead to reserve your skis. While we can adjust your bindings quickly when you pick up your skis, we can only assure you that you’ll get the skis you want by reserving them ahead of time. For western skiers, you can reserve your skis ahead of time for any dates through the end of the current ski season.

Book your ski rentals online here

Or you can reserve skis in the store or over the phone at (651) 429-3333.

Pick Up Your Skis On The Way To The Ski Area

For Twin City residents we’re conveniently located on the way to Afton Alps, Spirit Mountain, Trollhaugen and Wild Mountain ski areas. We’re just 1 1/2 miles north of 694 on Hwy 61, in White Bear Lake. We’re on the west side of the road right next to Fred’s Tire. If you’re coming from the south you’ll have to drive past us, make a U turn at Polar Chev and Mazda and come back down 61 to get to us. When you exit the store you’re just a few blocks away from either 694 or 35E. It’s a snap to pick up your skis up on the way to the area and drop them off when you’re done.