K2 Snow Skis

Hi Tempo Is The St. Paul, Minneapolis, MN Area K2 Snow Ski Experts

Since the original K2 Comps, K2 has been dedicated pushing the envelope in ski design with the ultimate goal of just trying to have the most fun out on the slopes as possible. Every year K2 sets new precedence and remains a leader in the shaped-ski revolution.  If you’re looking for skis that transition seamlessly from edge to edge and a ride that is just plain graceful, look no further.


Konic 76 (Mens)

The K2 Konic 76 ski is designed from the ground up to take your superior skiing to the next level. Its power and precision come from Hybritech sidewalls, while its forgiveness and ease stem from the combination of All-Terrain Rocker and composite core. The end result is a predictable, seriously fun, confident pair of advanced men’s skis that handle powder, crud, packed, or ice conditions – the ultimate all-mountain ski.

Radius: 15.5 @170
Construction: K2 Konic Technology- Composite, Hybritech Sidewall
Binding Options: Marker K2 / M3 10
Features: K2 Konic Technology
Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker
Dimensions: 120/76/105
Sizes Offered: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177


iKonic 80 Ti (Mens)

Optimizing every square inch of the ski, the K2 Konic 80Ti features a new metal laminate construction that traces the edge of the ski and strategically reinforces the wood core over the edges for increased power. These are the ideal expert mens skis for the all-mountain skier who wants it all from your skis: a solid hold at mach speeds to confidently busting through crud, moguls or soft leftovers from the previous storm. This performance ski will provide you the power you need to have some serious fun.

Radius: 15.5m @170
Construction: Konic Technology- Fir/Aspen Core, Metal Laminate, Triaxial Braid, Hybritech Sidewall
Binding Options: Marker K2 / MXC 12 TC
Features: Konic Technology, Tapered Tip
Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker
Dimensions: 121/80/109
Sizes Offered: 156, 163, 170, 177, 184


Luvit 76 (Womens)

Using just the right combination of features and a lightweight feel, the K2 Luvit 76 ski is the perfect tool to advance your skiing to the next level at a comfortable pace. This women’s ski’s moderate sidecut creates a huge sweet spot for a variety of turn shapes, and the Hybritech sidewalls underfoot add an element of accuracy when gradually taking on more speed and variable snow conditions.

Radius: 14m @163
Construction: Composite, Hybritech Sidewalls
Binding Options: Marker K2 / ER3 10
Features: Hybritech Sidewalls
Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker
Dimensions: 120/76/105
Sizes Offered: 142, 149, 156, 163


Luv Sick 80 Ti (Womens)

Outlining the new Channel Light Core with a thin strip of metal titanal, the K2 Luv Sick 80Ti ski delivers power with added agility for those expert ladies looking for speed and security across varied terrain. The powerful and lively Luv Sick 80Ti possesses a big sweet spot for all turn shapes from tight, quick moves through the bumps, to opening up and cruising down empty slopes; making your skiing day that much more enjoyable.

Radius: 14m @163
Construction: Channel Light Core, Metal Laminate, Hybritech Sidewalls, Aspen/Paulownia/Bamboo core.
Binding Options: Marker K2 / ERC 11.0 TC
Features: Channel Light Core, BioFlex, Metal Laminate, Hybritech Sidewall
Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker
Dimensions: 121/80/109
Sizes Offered: 149, 156, 163, 170


Luv Machine 74 Ti (Womens)

The K2 Luv Machine 74Ti is finely tuned and fueled to crank out the highest level of precision in the women’s collection, with unmatched agility and accuracy, leaving charging females nothing but love for the mountain’s steepest, firmest runs. The new Channel Light Core reduces and redistributes the weight to the perimeters of the ski with a robust metal laminate layer, enhancing power and confidence. Continuing K2’s history of creating quality piste collections, the Luv Machine 74Ti is the best ski for top-level skiers on groomed terrain. Previous models include the 2014 K2 Superburnin.

Radius: 12.5m @160cm
Construction: Channel Light Core, Metal Laminate, Hybritech Sidewall
Binding Options: Marker K2 / ERC 11 TC
Features: Channel Light Core- Fir/Paulownia/Bamboo, Metal Laminate, Speed Rocker, Hybritech Sidewall
Baseline: Speed Rocker
Dimensions: 121/74/107
Sizes Offered: 146, 153, 160, 167